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Tips on Finding A Publisher


The hunt for a publisher is like seeking out a future spouse. The more you look, you realize it’s not about looking at all.

Painful reminders abound EVERYWHERE.

The chief form of rejection is via email (21st century medium that it is).

The messages usually take on the traditional form of:

“…thanks for considering [ … ]. We are not taking [ … ] at this time. I hope you find a publisher soon. Thanks again.”

No foul language. No harm done. Right?

But, other mediums are greatly preferred to the stale email: phone call, snail mail, or that coveted in-person meeting.

It’s the heart of the matter. A book takes a long time to craft, edit, and maybe, hopefully, possibly, one day publish. The rejection emails storm the gates, flood the inbox, screaming- No! No! No!

Variations of the thanks for considering phraseology hit us dead across the forehead.

We long for a congratulations! sentiment. Just once. The elusive snow owl coming out to hoot.

Twas not today. I hope you fare better.

Some places that really help me are: Writer’s Market, Writer’s Digest (see, literary agents portion), Poets & Writers (, (for contests) & Literary Marketplace. Check them out when you can. Also, submitting to competitions can help you gain traction in a saturated market.

The pros say to attend writing conferences (for your intended market) and seek out literary agents and publishers that way. It helps to remove submission barriers. I’ve not tried this more than once and my results were slim. I might try this again in the next go-around of conferences in my neighborhood.

If you have questions, feel free to write on here. I’ll respond accordingly. I’m always happy to discuss successes, possibilities, and general Q&As. Thanks!



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Editing: The Faces of Revision.

If writing a book makes one look like this:

IMG_04801(Fig. 1)


Then, editing a book can best be summed up as:

IMG_04821(Fig. 2)

Editing: Is the Worst.

It takes the frustration and painstaking lifeblood of a first draft, bundles it tightly into a little ball, and hurls it at hoop…in the Atlantic Ocean, miles from shore, miles from a life preserver. Side note: Paper isn’t waterproof.

Ok, I’m over-exaggerating…but just slightly.


I appreciate your prayers this week, and next, and the next.

No one should have to wear a face like this–for long anyways.


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4 Ingredients for Writing.

Tap into your inner Emiril Lagasse for a second. Think about the kitchen as a workspace. Big chef’s hat and all. Emeril (or, any chef) takes his/her cooking space seriously and might involuntarily throw out phrases like “BAM!” and “Kick it up a notch!”

Now, think about your favorite recipe.

Got one in mind?

Mine is always the same, always delicious: Blackberry Cobbler.


  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 cup 2% milk
  • 1 pint blackberries


Now, Think about the steps required to make something that delicious. And, then transfer that kitchen-etiquette onto YOUR process for doing something else you love (mine’s writing).

For example:

There are steps to follow at your writing desk, equipment that must be used, and documents to prepare in a certain order that (believe it or not) are very similar to what it takes to make the almighty cobbler.

Here are 4 of my “Go-To” Writing ingredients (followed in this order below):

1. Be intentional in setting aside a “quiet” space (Not like this one, it’s clickable and complete with strobe lights.)



2. Don’t let obstacles stop you from picking up the pen!



3. Set a goal (word count, 500 words+) before you can quit!

575761 (love this one, click it!)


4. Get consumed by the endeavor!

558407 (Maybe not this much)


5. Return to “life” only after the goal is met!

535908 (Picture says it all.)


**These 4 items give me direction in giving my labor of love the proper amount of discipline it deserves. I hope it helps you in yours this week.

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5 Phases of Writing.

5 PHASES OF WRITING (in summary):


Phase 1: The Excitement!

You shout, “This is the BEST thing since sliced bread! I LOVE YOU book! Go make it BIG.” (Click on picture for fun celebratory dance.)



Phase 2: Nervous Nelly.

Question you send to publisher, agent, editor: “Soooo did you love my book?” Followed by sweaty palms galore. (see, Chandler Bing)



Phase 3: Awkward Silence…

…Days, weeks, months.

You say to yourself, “Where is that darn reply?”



Phase 4: Rejection. Rejection. Rejection.

Publisher writes, “We’re sorry but this work just isn’t right for us at this time. We wish you the best with it elsewhere. Keep us in mind for future projects. Thanks.”



Phase 5: The Attempt To Stand Back Up.

Recover. Pick up the spilled milk. March on towards that next publisher, say, “Pick me!”

**All the while not walking with a limp.



May your encounters be sweet in the publishing world this week! Remember: they’re just words typed on a keyboard – somewhere. Nothing personal. Keep at it!