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The New Book Title Is…


As I alluded to yesterday, there is a N-E-W title for my debut novel.

It has undergone some serious revisions and with great change comes great…well, you get the drift.

The novel title is no longer “The Silence of Sacrifice,”


will now be titled (drumroll, please) …




*More exciting updates to follow.


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“War & Peace” …and Eternity


Sorry for the lapse, dear reader. A lot has happened on since Thanksgiving and a lot more to come in 2016!

I’ve worked through some BIG items on my upcoming novel. Here are just a few:

  • New book title (no longer, The Silence of Sacrifice)
  • Shaved 35k words from the original manuscript (from 100k to 65k)
  • experienced 3 hacker attempts
  • Book submitted for Final Proof online today
  • Cover Design for book is underway
  • Market launch date for book currently listed as 2/2/16, print date to follow
  • Advanced Reader Copies will be going out in the coming weeks to those chosen few!!

I’d like to add to this list:

  • I’m currently reading War & Peace by Leo Tolstoy (often considered the greatest fictional work of all-time) **I’m still beholden to Moby Dick as the greatest** But, I’ll try to submit a full review later
  • As it currently stands, I couldn’t help but label today’s blog “War & Peace …Eternity” because these hackers’ attempts to sabotage our site helped me realize there’s a lot more in life than just “War” and “Peace”.

    There’s “Eternity” too.

  • Everyday there’s a struggle between good and evil. And it coalesces into what constitutes life and eventually what comes next. Eternity -eternal- everlasting. So, while there’s warring parties of people pursuing evil and/or good. And there are those wanting to see the demise of Christians worldwide. There’s still that small voice begging each of us to choose eternity with the one worthy of everything. May your December (and mine) be Eternity-centered.


Truth marches on…

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The Awesomeness of Vox Dei staff.


BIG SHOUT OUT to the fine people at VOX DEI Publishing (Booktrope) for keeping the fires stoked on this first novel!!


As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m feeling the need to give credit where it’s due, and I’d like to mention –

The cover is coming together, and a title change is more than likely in the works. STAY TUNED for more.

2016 will be here shortly. God bless!

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Update on 1st book – The Silence of Sacrifice.

Hello guys & gals,

I’ve included my 1st ever BLOG VIDEO on Youtube for you to see! Hope it helps key you in to the exciting developments around this first book of mine, The Silence of Sacrifice. I’m excited to have your readership and support.

2016 here we come!


“Story is massive. Story is the most powerful tool to compel a human brain. Every human being self identifies as the lead protagonist in the story.” – Donald Miller

“One of the deepest of all human longings is the longing to belong, to be a part of things, to be invited in. We want to be part of the fellowship. Where did that come from?” – John Eldredge, Epic