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I’m not alone! (‘8 things that Baffle me’ contd.)


My 8 Things that Baffle Me’ (contd.) and their SUPPORT from sources around the web. Check em out:

1.) Disconnecting from tech is important. Connecting with people is important as well. (Spend time with your people!)

2.) I’m still not completely on-board with this one, but apparently they work: banana hangers.

3.) Disney World, according to Jim Gaffigan. He Agrees! that Disney isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

4.) Not just Nicki Minaj (but pop music industry as a whole) is getting worse…louder (about 1 decibel every 8 years).

5.) Sunscreen burns other peoples’ skin too: read here.

6.) Because we could all use a refresher on roundabouts. No shame.

7.) Primaries!! This site helped me understand the ones closer to my home. I’m sure there’s a site out there for every geographic area.

8.) Flavored chips and its link to illness. It’s science. And…if your stomach hurts like mine does after eating them, I recommend staying away from some of these options, especially #20. Blueberry flavored?

Violet Beauregarde, of Willy Wonka fame, would be proud of that flavor.