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Here’s a Fill-in-the-Blank Story Game I play at home, in hopes of getting a new pet one day:

The Perfect Pet
If I could have any animal as a pet I would chose a
__cat________ (noun) because they are ___fat_______
(adjective) and ___lazy_______ (adjective) and can
__purr___ (verb). I wouldn’t want a __snake____ (noun)
for a pet because they are __sneaky_____ (adjective). If I had
a __cat___ (noun) I would name it__Pat_____ (name). I
would also teach it to __watch TV___ (verb), __play dead__
(verb) and other tricks. If I couldn’t have a ___cat___
(noun) I hope my (wife) would let me at least get a
___bat___ (noun). They are __loud____ (adjective) but
still __exciting___ (adjective) to play with.
Pet Poem which follows as a result of Fill-in-the-Blank Story Game:
Pat the Cat –
Pat the Cat
is quite fat
and lazy
and tries to purr
She isn’t like a snake
because snakes are sneaky
Pat watches TV
and plays dead most days
She’s better than a bat
She’s Pat my Cat
…And she’s fat
(I have the most patient wife in the world. Have I blogged this before?)
Image of future Pat
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I have a hard time picking out anything. Just ask my lovely wife.

In a Kroger, I once took 45 mins. to pick out a Hot Pocket.

There were just too many options.

Netflix. Help me please. There are thousands of good, bad, and ugly options in every genre of film.

We bought a car last year, and well, you can imagine how that went. I was comparing makes, models within makes, and cross-referencing dealerships with Kelley Blue Book all at once. And making a decision on that… almost killed me.

Now, imagine my disdain when walking into the new building where I work and discovering that on the first floor there is a bathroom labeled ‘Women’ and one beside it labeled ‘Unisex’ with a man/woman shown on it.

Nature called one day, and I opened the door (cautiously) and walked into the Unisex.

Inside there was a big open space, 1 urinal, and 1 closed-door toilet.

I tried to lock the exterior restroom door–no dice.

I didn’t feel it appropriate to use option 1, and option 2 was the most nerve-wracking 30 seconds of my life.

Suffice it to say that a poor decision-making man shouldn’t tackle these fast-paced locales often.

Much to my chagrin, the world seems to be offering more options than ever before, and I know it sounds ungrateful (because we’ve been blessed with so much in this country), but the overwhelming gift of choice has almost brought my mind to a standstill in recent months.

Phone types, phone plans, Subway submarine sandwich toppings, single or combos, best meal deals, best deal for a cup of coffee, best fuel price, best fuel type 87, 89, 93, trustworthy places to get a car repaired, best neighborhoods to live in, and best and best and best. The options seem to be limitless, and while I love knowing pets can have chips implanted inside them to keep them safe from ever being lost, I can’t for the life of me answer questions like “Would I like to implant my pet?” on the spot when asked.

That is all. Have a great night and tomorrow!