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FUN things to do on your anniversary!


Here are ‘7 Things’ I thank God my wife and I were able to do last weekend for our 7-year anniversary:


1.) Ride a Segway like a boss in Franklin, TN. (As opposed to riding a segway like this.)



2.) See Leah sit in the biggest chair East of the Mississippi



3.) Go to a concert featuring bands neither of us had ever heard of (really)…



4.) Find a Wingstop in a random shopping center in Nashville TN.

o(W-I-N-G-S-T-O-P is the best!!)


5.) Work out TOGETHER after 1.5 days of non-stop travel.



6.) Celebrate with dinner together in Chattanooga!



7.) Take a walk after dinner (and ask a stranger to snap your picture). Yes. A picture together. Imagine that. A brief reprieve from the never-ending single person poses that we do as couples. 🙂 The gentleman who snapped ours was kind enough to ask “Portrait or landscape?”



7 FUN things to-do on your anniversary! (Franklin -> Nashville -> Chattanooga)