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April Pranksters.


This day, April 1, warrants the rare double blog post.

Please see previous post ‘Most Embarrassing Moment Ever’ to see other pranks.


I wanted to recall a time a co-worker gave me a good laugh.

Rewind to 2010.

I was operating as a college admissions counselor/recruiter/jack-of-all-trades for the University of Kentucky. It was a great job! I miss my co-workers there.

But one guy was especially hilarious.

Mr. Jonathan Blazejewski: veteran recruiter for southern Ohio, northern KY. 7+ years of experience inside his role for UK. Guidance counselor relationship-builder extraordinaire.

Jonathan spots me returning from one of my many eastern Kentucky recruitment trips that Fall 2010. He slyly says, “Hey Brian. I wanted to let you know that I left a message on your desk. Missed phone call.”

I staggered under the weight of 85 bags, and boxes to my oft-forgotten desk. A sticky note resting atop my laptop docking station said: “Call Don Key back at: (719) 633-9925 ASAP!”

I trusted by veteran recruiter/co-worker. We joked often, but I didn’t think he’d venture into “sticky-note” territory. (When it came to counselor comments, it had been off-limits.)

Well, I dialed the (719) area code and waited….

Ring one

Ring two

“Hello! Cheyenne Mountain! How may I help you?”

“Yes. I’m looking for Mr. Key.”

“Which department?”


“I’m sorry. Did you say Assistance?”

“No. Guidance. I’m looking for…Mr. Key”

“That name doesn’t sound familiar. Are you sure–”

“My note says Mr. Don Key, and this phone number.”

“Don Key, you said?” the operator at Cheyenne Mountain responded.

Hearing her voice say those two words clicked in my head…finally! Duh!

“I’m sorry. I believe I have the wrong number,” I stuttered and hung up, like a grade-school boy trying to talk on the phone.

I proceeded to look up the phone number online and sure enough, it took me to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo website in Colorado (an out-of-state territory I recruited).

I had to give it to Mr. Blazejewski. He really got me good! I told him as much, and he asked if Mr. Don Key was doing well.

Well played, sir! Well played.

Happy April Fools everyone.