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State-of-Mind: Thinking.


The here and now can be pretty mundane for some of us. I’ll admit it. But…

What if we lived like it wasn’t?

Really. Truly. All the way.

What if we didn’t count down to New Years, but we relished each breath? Counted up from January 1?

(I’m not talking brainwashing here. Just rethinking our thought process. Does this scare you like it does me?


“Day 1 and 364 ahead!” versus “Day 1 and 364 more to go“:

(It’s our wording which reveals our outlook on things. On life.)


I was telling a friend recently about the 3 types of thinkerspast thinking, present thinking, and future thinking.

Most fall into the former (or, latter) categories, but those who are ‘present‘ are considered healthiest, and often live longer, according to scientists.

I’m not a scientist, but I can attest to the value of being at peace. Being okay with whatever life throws at us.

I’m a future (or, forward) thinker, and it almost drives me crazy sometimes. I can’t enjoy the here-and-now, because the “what-and the what-and then whatwhatwhat” always pushes me. For writing, this mindset is okay, but, for appreciating God’s plan, and each breath given–it can be a challenge.

Mom calls me a “restless spirit.”

The verse “Be still and know that I am God” from Psalms 46:10 comes to mind.

There’s so much to be learned from those who don’t fret over June when it’s still April. Those who don’t question a divine plan every step along the way. (Some questioning is okay, IMO.)

I wrote about a high school classmate of mine, Jason Rose, in the last blog. He was a present state-of-mind thinker. He loved Tuesday, because it was Tuesday. Wednesday when it got here. Thursday led to Friday. Friday meant more time with family. But, he was very much interested in what the current day offered.

I find myself needing that mentality, that mindset. To be okay with Tuesday, April 21st and not desiring for it to be some other time, some other place.

Today is today. It holds what it holds. God is still good. Therefore, it is enough. [Might be what I need to start reciting. Or, something similar.]

Because…it is today, it has events (good or bad), God is good, and it’s more than enough to keep us grounded.

I pray your April 21st is enough, and I appreciate you reading this.

2 thoughts on “State-of-Mind: Thinking.

  1. Is it possible to be a little bit of all types of thinkers? I love to reminisce, I love to enjoy today but I also love to plan for things ahead. If I had to nail down which one I was most, I would be a future thinker. I love to make plans and dream of what’s to come. Like our family vacation coming up in June! 🙂 Good reflections, brother! Today is more than enough and God gives us more than we deserve on a daily basis.

    1. Thanks, Leah. June was an unintentional example. Haha. I appreciate you responding. A balance of all 3 would be a nice spot, I believe. Future thinkers (we have a tendency to not enjoy ‘now’ as we ponder ‘later’) are extreme. But, you’ve shown a restrained version of this, as you discussed all 3. I didn’t think this possible. Congrats and June here we come! Can’t wait to see Delcamps, Martinez’, and sand. 🙂

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