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Share Your BEST “Life” Story – Win a Book.


Share your BEST life story on the Contact form of this site and be entered to WIN a copy of Brian’s story collection “Baptisms & Dogs.”

Official announcement on Halloween!

2 copies will be mailed out to the 2 BEST stories we receive by that date. (Criteria: ANYTHING! It’s a subjective selection process. Can be a funny story about the embarrassing things Grandpa did on vacation once, or, a time when you didn’t think you’d make it out of Disneyland alive. We want your BEST life story thus far!) Also, we’d like to share those winning stories on the site – proudly displayed in the ‘Blog’ section of . So, it’s SUPER important to send your story soon! (Don’t worry. There aren’t any grammar police around to judge.) The 2 winners selected will be asked to supply their mailing addresses following the announcement and the books will be shipped ASAP.

Tell YOUR BEST story today.

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