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Secret Places

verse taken from Jer. 23:24

Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?

No. This isn’t the voice of Amazon.

Although that sentiment rings true for many of us, when we think of some all-knowing, all-seeing omnipotence.

America is seeing a trend towards more than just commercialism, idolatry, and self-worship.

We, collectively, are tapping into a scary new terrain – ambiguity.

Phones save information for us. [I know my number, a couple of others – including 911.]

Computers save our browser history, credit data, and passwords.

Geo-fencing markets to us and supplies us never-ending chances to buy more, sinking deeper into obscurity.

And largely, we haven’t fought back.

The speaker above isn’t Big Brother. And it isn’t the government either (sorry conspiracy theorists).

No. The voice is taken out of context (my apologies), but it led me to emphasize that one phrase ‘secret places.’

We are obsessed with comfortable cloudiness.

My own stems from TV (streaming services 24/7) and overt self-indulgence throughout each fiscal year.

What is not overt and continually remains a mystery is how we protect broken, dilapidated portions of our lives.

Much like a home, the soul is largely neglected. I feel, inside more weeks than not, I’m a shell of what I want to be:

Honest, hard-working, transparent, giving, humble

Social media has allowed me to look the part, but again, this protects those secret places in my life.

If, instead, I thought of a spotlight following me around, and life was anything but a stage, then I think I would begin to allow the secret places to be revealed – to expose me for who I am.

Flawed, treacherous, unhealthy

loving, loved, saved

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