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Writing Ourselves Out of This

Writing is never an easy endeavor. It is usually pushed to a more “convenient time.” Yet, the most interesting consideration within this framework is that there is never a time where everything slows down to a complete stop. Admittedly, I have placed many excuses in this space over the past many months. There have been assignments, bills, and must-dos taking precedence. I have started to write something and deleted it.

At the outset of this pandemic, I wrote a rough first draft of a new novel and never revisited it. (It was too tender, too close to my heart to explore further.) While my aim is to give it priority in the future, I admit this also needs a due date. Like anything in life, it requires focus, preparation, and attention.

Have you felt this way about things in your “remote” existence? Are there things that keep getting pushed to the back burner?

If so, I recommend putting it back in your line of sight. It is not going away. If anything, seeing it will help you grapple with what is going on in your life today. If you face reality, it will become apparent what needs to be done next. Often, it is as simple as tackling it and discovering some new chapter. When we do this, we realize there is more and more and more. It can become a new leaf we all so desperately need.

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