3 books you can’t live without

Much like Castaway and Tom Hanks’ obsession with Wilson, there are things we can honestly say we don’t think we could live without. My best friend is a music director, and he asks his students (each year) if they could only take three albums on their iPod to an isolated island – what would they be? Then,…

Goodreads WHEELMAN Giveaway!

1 copy of WHEELMAN will be given away on Goodreads this Friday, Feb. 19th! Step 1: Go to Step 2: Create account or log-in with Facebook/social media Step 3: Search ‘Wheelman’ Step 4: Scroll down and select ‘Enter Giveaway’ Drawing will be in 4 days! I hope you win. -Brian

Words from a Bull Outside the China Shop

(click my picture. I won’t bite.) Only 2 #FREE days left – ‘BAPTISMS & DOGS: Stories’ by B.L. Tucker – on #Kindle and other digital thingies. Get it now, at:   Description: Baptisms & Dogs is set in the small town of Seton, Kentucky. The residents are grumpy, jobs scarce. In these “slice of…

Did you hear?

Hi, awesome reader friend. Did you hear? I guess a better question would be “Did you see?” Like, “Did you see my new webpage?” Yeah. That’s more appropriate. Well, I hope so. You’re staring right at it, if you’re reading this. Check out this new page. Compliments of my friend, Mark Love. He’s clever and…