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The Awesomeness of Vox Dei staff.


BIG SHOUT OUT to the fine people at VOX DEI Publishing (Booktrope) for keeping the fires stoked on this first novel!!


As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m feeling the need to give credit where it’s due, and I’d like to mention –

The cover is coming together, and a title change is more than likely in the works. STAY TUNED for more.

2016 will be here shortly. God bless!

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Scary Things


Great post-Halloween topic:

What scares you?

This doesn’t have to be an Ichabod Crane fear toward Sleepy Hollow, or anything.

Plain and simple – what causes you to experience some trepidation?

  • Talking to a stranger in an elevator?
  • Driving to your in-laws for the holidays?
  • Cooking with chick pea flour?
  • Watching a marathon of Katherine Heigl movies?
  • Mouth-breathers?
  • Long-winded history lecturers?
  • Large arenas filled with an opposing team’s obnoxious fans?



Step out there my friend (I’m taking my own advice here).

What better time of the year to stand firm and work through a petty fear?

November is a month of tackling stuff, I’m learning. 

A month reserved for dodging the razor (“No Shave!), writing a book (NaNoWriMo), eating enough turkey to make you cry (tryptophan). November has it all.

So, keep tackling those fears. Whatever they may be!

Stand up. Give Thanks. Pray for hurting families. Ride a horse bareback. Take a family portrait with an awkward John Hughes theme. Give Thanks. Listen to that one uncle’s ridiculous tall tales. Memorize and recite the Gettysburg Address for kicks. Bring back an “outdated” hairstyle. Give Thanks. November is waiting for you to step up and be awesome.

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That moment when NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) kick starts in November again, and you’re still working on the same book from LAST year:



Your friends might be working on that “exciting” NEW thing, but you my friend are persistent. Stick with it (and be happy) unlike grumpy cat. You got this.


Stephen King makes it look easy. I guess it’s because there’s nothing else to do in Maine?