Teen Cy Vance wants to do one thing: D-R-I-V-E. Except he has nowhere to go and no way to get there. But when he’s given a note at church, he discovers his dad–one of the FBI’s Most Wanted–is alive and well in Mexico…and he wants Cy to meet him ASAP! With the help of a best friend, Cy escapes Child Protective Services and flees to Mexico. What he doesn’t know is that his father is going to ask even more of him when they meet. How far will Cy go to help his family, and will it cost him his life?


Reader Praise

Brian has a bouncing (debut) book!
Robert Olen ButlerPulitzer-Prize winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain
Tucker spins a meaningful yarn about a dude struggling to create and maintain an identity in the face of serious danger and overwhelming loss.
Sevan ParisAuthor of Superheroes in Prose: Series
``I have read a lot of novels and this stands out...Tucker displays an unpretentious intelligence in the way he writes and I look forward to reading everything he writes in the future.``
Impossible to put down.
Roger B.
You’re in for a treat.
Rachel B.
Perfect weekend read.
Patrick P.
I was anxious to get from one chapter to the next. This story demonstrates the strength of the human spirit when God is leading. ‘Wheelman’ has earned a place on my shelf and isn’t swiftly leaving my thoughts.
Melissa G.
…having traveled to San Miguel de Allende myself, i can attest to how accurately the scene is painted. I felt like I was back there again for the first time with Cy and his family.
Lindsey F.
Constant adventure!
Amazon Customer
…a great novel for readers who like stores about journeys of self-discovery, redemption, or the mechanics of dysfunctional families as they travel down life’s highway.
Nathan D.
I find myself still thinking back on this book a week later and reflecting on the messages of redemption, grace, and love that are woven throughout. This is not your run of the mill inspirational story.
Rachel S.
Great book for teen readers, especially. But, grownups will like it, too. Go get a copy now!
Cumberland Printing
He tells a story that takes you other places but the way he writes makes you feel like you’re home.
Amazon Customer
I am sure one of your New Year resolutions was to read more…Read it.
Amazon Customer
You’re going to enjoy it.
Richard J.
A worthy first novel.
Kirt R.